• Ghostwriting a nonfiction book.
  • Ghostwriting blog posts for a safety product retailer.
  • Writing and editing my personal blog.
  • Periodic editing for a local executive’s emails and presentations.
  • Teaching adult Bible studies for multiple groups.
  • Editing term papers and scholarship applications for local students.


  • Edited three full-length novels, one for young adults and two adult Southern fiction.
  • Coached two fiction writers as they wrote their novels.
  • Gave presentations at local chamber’s lunch and learn events.
  • Reformulated and edited business stories for a local manufacturing company.
  • Wrote and managed grants for local community college.
  • Edited term papers and masters thesis for multiple individuals.
  • Provided customized training in communications, computers and basic writing skills for local companies.
  • Taught college writing and public speaking.
  • Wrote news articles for various publications.
  • Wrote and edited newsletter for a nonprofit organization.